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Wireline Control Systems is the exclusive provider of the Dutch Lockdown Lubricator System which has revolutionized pressure control for wireline operations.  When anchored to the rigs' annular, this mechanical method has proven to be the safest and most efficient way to install a wireline lubricator on drilling and worker rigs.  The Lockdown Lubricator System can be installed in minutes instead of the hours it takes to rig up a companion flanged lubricator on top of the annular.

Advantages of using the Lockdown System

  • Eliminates Rig Down Time for Lubricator Installation
  • Reduces Hazardous Exposure Time for Rig Personnel
  • Reduces Well Exposure Time Between Pipe Tripping and Wireline Operations
  • Designed for Offshore Use but Suitable for Onshore Applications
  • Protects Annular B.O.P. Sealing Element from damage by the Wireline
  • Multiple Flange Options and Sizes Available
PRINT Economics of the Lockdown System
The Lockdown System is easily installed on many different sizes and types of bell nipple systems. Once installed, the Lockdown Flange replaces and functions as the rig’s bell nipple flange. The Lockdown Lubricator System is utilized by land and barge rigs, jackup rigs, deepwater TLP and spar platforms globally.
When logging operations are to be performed, WCS’ lubricator is simply lowered through the rotatry/bell nipple until properly located. The locking studs on the Lockdown Flange are engaged anchoring the lubricator to the rig’s BOP. The rig’s annular BOP is then sealed around the Lockdown Lubricator’s annular seal extension.
When the logging operation has been completed, the annular seal is released and the lockdown studs are disengaged. The lubricator assembly is pulled out of the bell nipple/rotary. Normal rig operations are resumed in minutes without unnecessary hole exposure. The Lockdown Lubricator System provides for a quick rig up without sacrificing safety!

Sizes and Configurations

The Lockdown System is easily installed on many different types of bell nipple systems.
  • 11" 5M
  • 11" 10M
  • 13-5/8" 5M
  • 13-5/8" 10M
  • 16-3/4" 5M
  • 16-3/4" 10M
  • 18-3/4" 5M
  • 18-3/4" 10M



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