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Mechanical Locking Swivel

Wireline Control Systems’ Mechanical Locking Swivel allows the drill string to be “locked” into place when using a down hole motor for drilling. When a new orientation is needed for the drill bit, the Locking Swivel is disengaged, allowing the drill pipe to rotate. When the drill bit has been reoriented, the Locking Swivel is locked into place and drilling can resume at the new orientation.

To Unlock the Locking Swivel:

Disengage Mechanical Locking Swivel by setting the weight of the drill string on the rotary slips, slack off approximately 3 inches until the red locator sleeve )the visual indicator) bottoms out against the lower face of the swivel housing.

To Lock the Locking Swivel:

Lift blocks to engage the Locking Swivel. The red locator sleeve will move approximately 3 inches below the swivel housing.



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